Welcome to my new web site and this, my new blog. Blogging is something new to me and as I learn it’s potentials and limitations I hope you will bear with me. I wanted to have a forum on which I could elaborate further upon the subject matter of my book ‘Spirit Talker –The legend of Nakosis’.

First, a little about how Spirit Talker came into being. I say ‘came into being’ because in reality it was very much a process of what I can only describe as ‘magical manifestation’. While I sat at the computer, often in the dead of night, with the intention of writing a story, I soon became more of a witness than a participant as the words unfolded before me, my fingers struggling at times to keep up. When the creative flow began to ebb with the dim light of dawn on the horizon and my eyes screamed for sleep, I would sometimes, under a sense of obligation, attempt to push the story line a little further to perhaps finish a chapter or complete an event within the text. Come the next writing session I would review this past effort and quickly realize that it was not coming from the same source and I would quickly delete it - it just wasn’t Nakosis!  Now, at the risk of sounding new-age and cliché, I have to say that when I was in the proper state of receptivity the story unfolded with smooth, flowing ease and took me on its magical journey with complete amazement. It was very much as though I was reading a book, not writing one. With that came my total surprise at events taking twists and turns that did not appear to be coming from my conscious desire to create them. In this regard, I have to say that being a part of that creative process was a truly remarkable and enlightening experience. We’ve perhaps all heard authors say that at times the story writes you and not the other way around and until now I have never attributed much to that expression.

 So, then, where does this story come from? Is it latent within the deep recesses of my psyche? Is it is a culmination of sights, sounds, scents, perceptions and experiences from earlier in life - characters and scenarios from all the books and movies I’ve enjoyed stashed away in my subconscious, resurrected through the discipline of writing? Perhaps. However, some people believe that every one of us has an inner Nakosis; a somewhat more enlightened version of the physical façade that we see in our mirrors, just quietly lurking beneath the monotony of our daily existence, longing to emerge. I believe we tap into this in our more introspective moments, when in meditation, prayer or trance for example. When quietly sitting within the beauty and silence of nature, our inner clocks slowly attune to the rhythms and energies of the earth and in that moment we can sometimes feel the presence and the power of the sacred, both within us and without us. More importantly we don’t discern any difference, as the dualities of our ‘make money’ lives no longer apply in these moments of natural, spiritual connectivity. Nakosis espouses this message constantly throughout the narrative of the tale. If he has one message it is to regain that oneness by acknowledging the inter-connectedness, the inter-dependence of all things; to cease seeking separation from what we are intrinsically a part of.  

Possessed of such insight and understanding one cannot conscionably cause harm to any other being, realizing that by doing so one disrupts the harmonious balance of one’s own existence. Our happiness, our peace and security are at once the same as that of all things within the great circle of universal life. We then see that the only ‘right’ way of being is living in a manner that respects the equal right of all other beings to the same qualities as ourselves, namely the right to life and the right to share the rich bounty the sacred mother earth provides for all her children. It is only when we begin to harbor such a view that we witness the unfolding of the spiritual powers around us, within every animal, bird, insect, tree, rock and drop of water. Everywhere we see, as Nakosis did, there is a power, a real creative magic that infuses all things equally. This is Animism –seeing no separation between the physical and the spiritual worlds. Our distorted perceptions create the barriers that prevent us from fully embracing this truth. Shamanism is the practice that allows the experience of spiritual connectivity to arise and dismantle the façade of dualities - good and bad, rich and poor, material and spiritual, man and animal, that inhibit our spiritual growth and prevent us from becoming fully integrated within the sacred circle of life.

Humanity has largely become a cog in the wheel of industrialization, a rung in the ladder of corporate profit. We have sacrificed our vital life’s energy, our spirit, our time and now even our Sacred Earth to the god of capitalism and greed. Only by reawakening our deeper spirit selves will we access the power to return our planet back to the balance we need to survive.

This is the purpose of ‘Spirit Talker- The Legend of Nakosis’. While it is a work of fiction and spiritual fantasy the basic truths that the young Nakosis uncovers are very relevant, timeless and necessary. It my sincerest wish that at least a few of you will share his understanding and work toward making this world a better place for future generations and, as Nakosis would say, “for all our brethren”.

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 July 22, 2014