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"In this satisfying, epic novel, Coles chronicles a spiritual journey for one young man and for a nation in pre-contact western North America. Born the night sky-fire passes overhead, Nakosis, a member of the White Mist Village people, is destined to be a great shaman. He apprentices with old shamans Loka and Chako, who teach him that the spirit and waking worlds are connected. After channeling the magic of first-shaman Hohopas, Nakosis embarks on an adventure of hundreds of miles across the Pacific Northwest to find and unite the descendants of a great nation that dispersed generations ago. With the help of the spirits of Raven, Bear, Panther, and Eagle, Nakosis battles enemy warriors; confronts an evil shaman pretender; encounters Sheenka, a woman with powers equal to his own; and learns the secret of the Mountain of Fire. In effortlessly flowing language, Cole sets his emotional tale of sacred wisdom, discovery, and romance in a lush, unspoiled world of lakes and redwoods."(BookLife)

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By Kathy Tassone McNally, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A Review from Drunken Druid Books. USA

“Tom Coles is an artful new storyteller, taking his readers on a spirited ride. There are so many wonderful lessons on humanity here… A visually impressive and emotionally stirring work… Mr. Coles, Thanks so much for a super read and a job well done! Your imagination is just incredible! “

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This review is from:Spirit Talker: The Legend of Nakosis (Kindle Edition)

I have read a great many books and i am critical when it comes to book selection. "Spirit talker" left me totally drained of emotions and so sad that it had to end. "Spirit Talker" flowed flawlessly from beginning to end with ease and i found myself drawn into the story completely. Tom's writing style is smooth and flowing and I found this novel to be one that i just couldn't put down. "Spirit Talker" followed me into my dreams at night and stayed on my mind as i wandered thru my day. Excellent read and i really hope that Mr Coles finds time to put pen to paper again. If you read one book this year you would be missing out if "Spirit Talker" wasn't on the top of your list. I am now a fan of this talented writer and i recommend this book to anyone who prefers quality writing. I recommend you add this to your wish list before it comes out in movie form as this book would make for a great film. Congratulations Mr Coles on your fine work. I will be first in line for your next venture into the world of the written word.

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